Our METBurn classes run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00am, 5:15pm and 6:15pm* for three weeks (9 total sessions) followed by a “recovery” week. We use a three-weeks on, one-week off schedule. A new phase of training begins every four weeks.

This format is scientifically proven to provide the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) of training for our coaching clients. We have used this format for more than a decade, and it continues to provide amazing results!

If you are interested in one-on-one personal training or online coaching, please contact us by phone, text, or email. One-on-one personal training is scheduled on days and times outside of our METBurn classes (Monday – Saturday).

*Additional METBurn classes coming soon (9am & 12pm)

Call or text Nate (352.872.4751) to join!

Small Group Personal Training Annual Calendar:

PHASE 6: Bodybuilding Bootcamp
Training: May 23 – June 10

Recovery Week: June 13 – 17

PHASE 7: Super Strength
Training: June 20 – July 8*
Recovery Week: July 11 – 15

*We are closed Monday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. We’ll make up this session during the Recovery Week (Monday, July 11).

Training: July 18 – August 5
Recovery Week: August 8 – 12

PHASE 9: Bodybuilding Bootcamp
Training: August 15 – September 2
Recovery Week: September 5 – 9

PHASE 10: Strength & Structural Balance
Training: September 12 – 30
Recovery Week: October 3 – 7

PHASE 11: Freaky Fat Loss
Training: October 10 – 28
Recovery Week: October 31 – November 4

PHASE 12: Bodybuilding Bootcamp
Training: November 7 – 25*
Recovery Week: November 28 – December 2

*We are closed Friday, November 25. I may offer a “Turkey Day” workout on Thanksgiving morning.

PHASE 13: December to Remember!
Training: December 5 – 23
Recovery Week: December 26 – 30

The Recovery Week is when I suggest participating in other activities during the week as “active” rest. Active rest includes any activity that keeps you active and moving but is not too high in intensity. This is the week to participate in the things you enjoy or try something totally different from our METBurn sessions.

Good active rest activities include brisk walking, hiking, or rucking; swimming, biking, jogging, or other low-intensity cardio; recreational sports (I like ultimate Frisbee); bodyweight-only sessions (Murph and others); Boxing/MMA/BJJ workouts (highly underrated), yoga, Barre, Pilates, and foam rolling/stretching.

Have fun, recover, and come back refreshed for the next phase of training!